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The Korean American Association of Greater Philadelphia

38th KAAGP
"Working KAAGP, Open KAAGP,
Serving KAAGP"
President Sharon Hwang Hartz

80,000 members who love KAAGP!
And netizens who visit the association!
I hope that your family are rich with God’s blessing in 2020.
With the inauguration of its 38th administration, KAAGP revised its long-existing bylaws, setting out on a journey to build a new Korean American association as we now start to implement the bylaws.
KAAGP will enhance the value of democracy, while trying its best to cooperate in Korean American society’s efforts to live with pride as an ethnic Korean in the U.S.A. and settle down.
In addition, I will firmly establish KAAGP as a representative organ of Korean American society, and will maintain continuity of affairs of the association by ensuring a shift from a system managed by an individual to a structure led by an organization.
I promise to strive to build a beautiful community that shares the trust and love of Korean Americans. I will also make efforts to elevate the standing of KAAGP by establishing the basis for self-reliance through rational management and enhancing the participation of Korean American members through the transparent disclosure of operation.
I earnestly hope that we work together to make our Korean American society unite in this rapidly changing world.
I pray that you live a wise life in which you fulfill what you aim with God’s help this year.