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HOMEAKS (English)Volunteers

Assistant Teacher Information

Austin Korean School recruits assistant teachers in each class to assist in the school's office work.

1. Qualification

        Students attending high schools (9th grade or higher), parents, and other adults interested in

        Hangeul and Korean school activities

2. Benefit

1) Certificate of volunteer work: For students, we will issue a certificate of volunteer work so that they can use

     their teaching experience as a volunteer score for the school.

2)  Leadership award in selecting excellent assistant teachers: If you are recommended by a homeroom teacher 

     who maintains attendance rate of more than 70% among volunteers for more than two semesters, 

     you will be selected as an excellent assistant teacher and awarded the Leadership Certificate.

3. Recruitment deadline 

     no additional recruitment except duration and number of people selected

1) Spring Semester : January 04 (Automatic closing for first-come, first-served recruitment of 50 people)

2) Fall Semester : July 17 (Automatic closing for first-come, first-served recruitment)

     → Please understand that the number of applicants has decreased due to the opening of the online fall semester.

4. How to Apply

    Please fill out the application form at the link below.

    Online application link: https://forms.gle/ACkreSfX3G99Lu867