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Welcome and thank you everyone for your interest in Austin Korean School.

The registration for the 2022 Fall semester is open from Apr.16 to May 14.

It is a first come, first served basis and the form is to be filled for each registering student.

The confirmation of your registration will be sent by email once the registration is closed on May 14.

Registration link : 

2022 Fall semester Information 

* In person

* 4 years old (born before August 1, 2018) or up

* Aug.27 ~ Dec.10 (no school on Nov.26 for Thanksgiving holiday), 15 weeks

* Class hours : Saturday 10:00am - 1:00pm


Mail-in Tuition Payment Information 

       Mail to: P.O. Box 50201  Austin, TX 78763-0201 

       Make check payable to: Austin Korean School    

       Due date:  May 31

 On-site Tuition Payment 

Aug.13 (Saturday) 10:00-12:00 (tentative; will be confirmed and notified later)

Tuition : $300;  sibling discount, $20 each

* 1 child - $300

* 2 children - $580 (300+280)

* 3 children - $860 (300+280*2)

* 4 children - $1,140 (300+280*3)

Refund Policy

* 1week before school starts : Refund full tuition after non-refundable processing fee of $30 deduction

* Within the first 4 weeks of the semester : Refund 50% of tuition

* After the 4th week : No refund available

* There will be a $20 fee for the late registration.

Austin Korean School  

Website:  (


Tel:  512-673-8508 / 512-673-8531 

AKS 2022 Fall Registration FAQs

Q 1. When does the 2022 fall semester start?

     It runs from Aug.27 through Dec.10 for 15 weeks with Thanksgiving break on Nov.26

Q 2. Is AKS going virtual or in-person in the fall 2022? 

        It will be in-person. We will follow the CDC & AISD safety guidelines, and based on the Covid or other epidemic situations on Aug.1,2022, we may request all the enrolled students and teachers proof of vaccinations and/or negative PCR test results.

Q 3. Where will AKS classes be held in the fall 2022? 

        We will be at Webb Middle School as in the Spring 2022

        <Webb Middle School>

         601 E St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752

Q 4. Who is eligible for registration?

        Children born on or earlier than Aug.1, 2018 and any interested adult can register.

Q 5. What is the cost of attendance?

        The tuition for each student is $300 and there is a sibling discount.

Q 6. How long is each week’s lesson? 

        Each Saturday, classes will run from 10:00am through 1:00pm.

         The following schedule is to give you a general idea how each lesson is composed, but it may vary from class to class.












Q 7. Do students bring their snack/lunch? 

        Yes; A simple snack such as a sandwich with a drink will do.

Q 8. Do students need a Zoom or Google Classroom account?

        There might be a need for Zoom sessions and/or Google Classroom, so please follow the guidelines below :

- Returnees - use the existing account

- New students - open an account on Zoom and/or Google Classroom if not have one already (in case of Zoom, students can have an access to zoom meetings through the link shared by their teacher)                       

Q 9. How does class placement work?

Returnees, in general, move up to the next level.

For instance, Class 5 in 2022 Spring → Class 6 in 2022 Fall

- Exceptions may apply to those who didn’t complete the whole year’s course(Fall + Spring) at AKS, and whether to be moved up or to stay at the current level will be decided by the class teacher and the supervisors, and after consulting with parents. 

- Parents may appeal to the school on the class placement. We may reconsider the decision after having a parent and teacher conference and additional evaluation session.

- A newly enrolled student will have a level test (online or in-person) before the semester starts and be placed according to the result. 

Q 10. How many students are going to be in each class?

The maximum number of students in each class are set to be 12.


Q 11.  Is there going to be a set guidelines for Covid?     

We take the safety of our students as the major priority. We will keep monitoring the changes in regards of Covid and any other potential sign of epidemics and will do our best to be properly prepared. Setting guidelines accordingly is one of those preventive measures that we can take. As mentioned in #2, it will be based upon the situation on Aug.1 2022.

Q 12. What are students expected to bring to school?

             Students are to bring to each class their textbooks, notebook(s), and encouraged to bring other basic school supplies of their own to minimize mixing/sharing items. The supply list will be sent out (email) by the class teachers at the beginning of the semester.

Hand sanitizers and other hygiene products will be provided by the school to each classroom.

Q 13. Is there going to be school-wide or group events?

Yes, there can be events and special activities celebrating Korean Holidays by classes or in small groups of classes, if not school-wide. Again, we will be taking the factors such as the Covid stage into account and adjust our plan as needed.

Q 14. Is there going to be a semester-end evaluation?

            Yes, though it will differ from class(level) to class(level), there will be a certain form of evaluations

Q 15. Is there going to be special reading programs such as ‘Little Readers’? 

            Yes, along with story times in the regular classes, ‘Little Readers’ and other reading programs will continue in the Fall.

Q 16. Is there going to be an afterschool program? 

    The after school program is run independently by Austin Korean Community School, and it’s coming back in the Fall 2022 hasn’t been confirmed yet. You may send your inquiries by emails at : (Mr. Minsuk Kim)

< Meet AKS online >

     We have our own online spaces where you can come visit to take a look at the photos and videos and to find other general information.

- AKS homepage :

- AKS미디어 (Youtube channel) :