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AKS Principal Greetings

Warm greetings to everyone visiting Austin Korean School!

Since its establishment on Aug.15 (Korean Liberation Day) in 1986, AKS has been one of the key members in the Korean community in Austin over the past 30+ years, playing its role as to provide Korean language education as well as to help our history and culture widely known.

Teaching our proud Hangul and the proper, refined use of our language in speaking and writing using Korean national textbooks and a variety of other teaching resources is our main goal for the next generations of Korean Americans, of students, and of expatriates which make up the majority of the Korean population in Austin.

Another major role of our school is to introduce our history and the beauty of our culture along with Hangul and Korean language, to anyone interested. More and more eyes are turning on us as Hallyu-Korean Waves is growing its influence in the daily lives of people around the globe. We are excited for the opportunities with which we can share our proud heritage while fostering a rich environment where we can implement the idea of diversity and inclusiveness through education.

We will continue to embrace our legacy, help our next generations find their proud Korean identity, share it with people from all around, and will gladly play our part as a liaison between Korea and America in upbuilding a positive, strong relationship.

Thank you!

                                                                                              Sooah Chang, Principal of Austin Korean School