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AKS Principal Greeting

Hello, welcome to Austin Korean School.

Austin Korean School is a non-profit organization that has been striving to inherit and promote Korean language and culture in the metropolitan area for 30 years since its opening on August 15, 1986.

Every semester, about 200 students, 20 faculty members, 60 parents, and high school assistants run various programs for Korean children and American citizens living in Austin. In particular, according to the characteristics of the Korean people in Austin, we are working hard for the best education by utilizing various textbooks, including Korean state-authored textbooks, to improve the Korean language skills of Korean-Americans, children of Korean students, and children of expatriates.

Austin Korean School is an organization that prepares for the future through education. Above all, I will do my best to fully convey the excellence of Korean language and the beauty of culture to students living as Koreans in other countries and to American citizens who are interested in Korean and Korean culture. Thank you.

                                                                                              Kim Min-Suk, Principal of Austin Korean School