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HOMEAKS (English)Curriculum

    AKS Education Goals

    Austin Korean School has developed a new curriculum since the fall semester of 2013 to respond 

    quickly to the changing needs of the Korean community while effectively improving the quality of

    Korean language education. The educational objectives of the new curriculum are as follows.

1. Set the goals of listening, speaking, reading and writing functions at each level and guide students to

    improve their Korean language skills according to age and level through the achievement evaluation 

   at the end of each school year.

2. From the beginner level, Korean state-authored textbooks are the main textbooks to guide the 

    curriculum at each stage so that it can be operated systematically with a connection.

3. Create learning conditions in which the four language functional areas can be developed evenly

    and clearly present the learning content and goals for each class.

4. To achieve communication-oriented language learning according to age and level, along with the 

    improvement of learning level, to reach a stage where one can read, understand and express 

   one's opinions effectively in writing.

5. Organized in regular curriculum to evenly learn knowledge about history and culture, guide them

    to have pride as Koreans through Korean cultural history history, and find their identity as Koreans 

   or Korean-Americans.

6. Promote Hangeul and Korean culture to the world by providing various cultures of Hangeul, Korea,

    and the Korean people to students who want to learn Hangul as a second language along with 

   native Korean-speaking students. Training Objectives (Goals)

Textbooks & Materials


2019 FALL



한글이 야호 2 - 기본 음절 세트

 (워크북 1-4 중 1-2)

한글이 야호 2 - 기본 음절 세트 

(워크북 1-4 중 3-4호)


한글이 야호 2 - 받침 글자 세트 

(워크북 5-9 중 일부)

한글이 야호 2 - 받침 글자 세트 

(워크북 5-9중 8-9호)


한글이 야호 2 - 겹받침 이중 모음 

(워크북 10-12 중 일부)

한글이 야호 2 -겹받침 이중 모음 (워크북 11-12호)

자신만만 한글 3단계 (7-10 4권)


자신만만 한글 4단계 (1-10 중 1-5)

자신만만 한글 4단계 

(6,8,9,10 총 4권)


예비 초등 국어 / 미리보는 초등 국어교과서 1-1

국어 1-1 (나) only


국어 및 국어활동 1-2

국어 및 국어활동 2-1


국어 및 국어활동 2-2

국어 및 국어활동 3-1


국어 및 국어활동 4-1

국어 및 국어활동 4-2


국어 및 국어활동 5-2 / 독서논술

국어 및 국어활동 6-1 / 독서논술


재외동포를 위한 한국어 1-1

재외동포를 위한 한국어 1-1 완결


재외동포를 위한 한국어 1-2

재외동포를 위한 한국어 1-2 완결

Adult 1

Active Korean & Workbook 1

Active Korean & Workbook 1-2 

1권 완결

Adult 2A

Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning

Sejong Korean 2-2 완결

Adult 2B

Korean Grammar in Use - Intermediate

Sejong Korean 2-2 완결