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                                    Austin Korean School Sponsorship Guide

Austin Korean School has been run by the Korean people and supported by the Korean government since its foundation in 1986. It's 501 (C), a non-profit organization officially approved by the U.S. government. The method is being sponsored and the method of sponsorship is as follows. The amount you donated will be eligible for year-end tax benefits.It is used as a valuable fund for the dissemination and education of Korean language and the succession and development of Korean culture in the metropolitan Austin area.

< How to Donate >

1. AKS Membership Program (Company/Individual)

    1) Sponsored amount - based on $100 per month / $1200 per year

      2) Post banners on the AKS website, participate in various school events first, and provide various promotional benefits.

2. Other sponsorship methods (company/individual)

     1) Bank deposits and automatic transfers

         Bank: Chase
         Account Holder: Austin Korean School
         Routing Number: 111000614
         Account Number: 117667177

    2) Sending mail

        Write check Payable to "Austin Korean School"
        Mailing Address P.O.Box 50201 Austin, TX 78763-0201

    3) Purchase banner ads on the homepage


    4) Payment of donations through PayPal

        Paypal.me : https://www.paypal.me/AUSTINKOREANSCHOOL

    5) Cash or event supplies support

3. Sponsor Levels










$5,000 +

$3,000 +

$1,000 +

$$500 +

$100 +

$50 +

$20 +

4. Sponsorship Application

    See the link below for application forms and detailed instructions.


5. Other Sponsorship Inquiries

    See below for detailed sponsorship inquiries.

    Tel. (512) 673-8508, 8531

    Email: austinkoreanschool@gmail.com